Our team of experienced professional bike mechanics have all the skills required in order to get your bike running to its optimum. We have a dedicated workshop facility at the core of our business. From simple puncture repairs to high end performance bike building and tuning, we are the go to bike store servicing the Gisborne district.

With our comprehensive selection of parts available, we offer quick and reliable service for basic to advanced repairs. If we can't do it right away we can order a particular component or specialist item from one of our many suppliers to be on-site and installed within days.   


Bike Services

Mini Service $50

Adjust brakes

 and derailleur

Oil all pivot points

Full Service $80

Mini Service plus

Clean bike

Clean drive train

Straighten/re-tension wheels

Bike Services

Puncture Repair $20

Replace tube

Check tyre for foreign objects

Re-fit tyre

Re-fit wheel and adjust brake

Complete Overhaul $250

Complete rebuild

Strip bike to frame, rebuild/replace bearings and cables as required

Re-grease bottom bracket

Re-grease headset

Straighten and re-tension wheels

Shock Services

Shock Services

Shock or Fork removal and installation

Fork Basic Service 

Shock Basic Service

Other Services

Scooter Service $25

Bike Fitting

Bike Courier Boxing